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19 Jul 2011

Access Module


The Access Module is an innovative and accessible user interface allowing users to control a Ricoh MFD remotely. While improving accessibility for all users, the interface is of special benefit to people in wheelchairs or those with visual impairments.

  • Requires a compatible Ricoh MFD and a Windows PC to perfom the installation
  • Install using the Device Manger which you will also need to download.
  • Should not be installed without reviewing this article.

More Information

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21 Feb 2011

Device Manager

ImageThe m3i Device Manager is the starting point for any m3i install. The Device Manager application is run from a PC on the same network as the MFD devices that you wish to install m3i solutions to. It allows you to easily locate applicable devices on your network, licence them and install solutions to them. m3i solutions and supporting components are delivered using m3i packages (m3ip files). The Device Manager imports these and installs them in the appropriate place and then handles much of the required configuration to get a solution up and running. m3ip files also contain package-specific information such as screen-shots and documentation.

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